Tropical Heat Wave

Buckeye Candy Kisses

Ek-Preskrasnaia Kreolka

Mary Craig

Buckeye New Dawn

Optimera myDelight

Rapsodie Joan

Our Club

First African Violet Society of Dallas (FAVSD) was founded in 1954. As the name implies, we were the first club dedicated to growing of Saintpaulia (African Violet) in Dallas, Texas. There have been tremendous changes in the understanding of how to best attend to these wonderful plants over the sixty plus years.

Ace of Clubs

Definitely Darryl

Losos’ Domashnii

Cajon’s Slow Dance

Lyon’s Sassy Sadie

Buckeye Nostalgia

Sweet Affair

Our Purpose

The purpose of our society is to educate our members on the best practices of cultivating and grooming African violets. As great pleasure and pride can be had from the successful growing of these wonderful little beauties, we are happy to share the insight that our combined years of experience has brought us.

Circus Fascination

Cajun’s Coujon


Jersey Snow Flakes

Opera’s Il Straniero

Rapsodie Ingrid

Buckeye Cranberry Sparker

Our Goal
Our goal is to grow excellent specimens of African Violets and to enter them in shows that are sponsored by African Violet organizations.

We encourage our member to join the African Violet Society of America (AVSA). This organization sponsors conventions, workshops and judged shows. They also publish a magazine that is a treasure chest of information for the serious or casual grower. The magazine also contains connections to all things African Violet.

The Lone Star African Violet Council (LSAVC) mirrors the AVSA at a state level with conventions, workshops and a newsletter.